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A brief history...

The first edition of the now-classic book, Book Yourself Solid, came out in 2006, after more than a decade of being street-tested and used by private clients of its author, Michael Port.

Since that day, it’s been re-released in four different editions, including a hugely-popular illustrated edition, and has been reprinted and translated more times than we can count.

More than a million small businesses, from advertising agencies, book-keepers, chiropractors and dentists, through travel agencies, insurance brokers, veterinary surgeons and more have read the book and applied its simple systematic principles to building sustainable and profitable businesses.

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Our workshops cover everything from adding new revenue generators to your existing business (so that you can double your profits without doubling your work-load), to creating a thriving and magnetic brand that your prospects adore … to creating referral systems that deliver you clients on autopilot … to finally reclaiming your day and having your business serve YOU, like you always wanted it to.

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